Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Nothing to see - move along. Just the early stage of a project that's nearing completion. If the weather's half decent tomorrow I'll get some 'after' pix.
This, by the way, is an object lesson in learning to question your local building control officer. Rubble stone walls do not like being undermined, even if the BCO says it's necessary to dig straight down in order to lay a raft for an extension. Two days of rain, and the house falls down.
Always dig on a batter of at least 45 degrees. And, if in doubt, get an engineer in.


  1. Ooooh feck - hope it was insured!

    BCO's eh - what do they know?

  2. Er, nope. And neither was the builder.
    Actually he's a top bloke who was browbeaten into it by the BCO, and has since done a cracking job on the roof.

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    Now - if I knew how to do it I suspect I could have made those live links...

  4. What have you started? There seems to be a bloody exodus from PPUK, all bound blogwards!

  5. Well, it's rather better than having folk flaming anything you say 'as a laugh'... or telling you that you are solely responsible for another mass exodus of the sensitive (bollocks say I) or treating you like a naughty kid... and we have our own delete keys... and it's case of Beware All Who Enter, really, as you never know when we might swear...

    Anyhow, a GOBs 'circle' means that the pressure on individuals to keep updating isn't as great, and there's always going to be something new to read. I've put a link to each on my blog. Easy peasy (so far..) Cmon Biff - get that blog going... one test post isn't enough, some testy posts are now needed.