Monday, 12 January 2009

Manage Blogs

At least that's what it says on the admin page. And then, in parentheses , '1 total'. As if that's meant to be some sort of reproach. How in the name of all that's sweet can anyone manage more than one? I imagine I will find it hard enough to manage this one - there will be lacunae and longeurs; times when bugger-all appears to happen. But enough of my blathering...


  1. Sooo... not as bad as you thought then? Do keep going! But don't make it too literary, or I might be forced to print some of me pomes in retaliation...

  2. It is tricky, trying to keep up. Particularly when my fingers are so cold that I can't type properly. All those rants one has behind the wheel or in the quiet watches of the night - sat in front of the keyboard they all bloody vanish. What to say, that's the question.
    Particularly as we're told this is a global village. What would the neighbours think if I really let rip?

  3. Why worry what the neighbours think? Mine think I'm barking. Poss they are right...

    But yes, that blank page, waiting for the words to come. I know it well.