Thursday, 22 January 2009


Still just to the east of Herts.
But anyway.
I was struck by a post on the Period Property forum in which someone made much of their professional work on a house near Birmingham. To me the place looked absolutely bloody awful - a weird mix of materials left exposed inside and outside and clearly a 'renovation' rather than a sensitive repair.
Yet the website made much of their use of traditional materials, and seemed to tick many of the right boxes. To the casual browser it would seem that this was the 'proper' way to treat an old building.
OK, the work done was not destructive to the fabric of the building, and my gripes are largely aesthetic, but it still rankles.
And, yes, it might be that the client specifically asked for the exposed stone and brick, but if that were the case I'd be a bit embarrassed to showcase it quite so boldly, let alone pimp it on another website.
The moderation on the forum in question does seem odd - on the one hand it allows this sort of bollocks, yet it bans people who say anything remotely contentious.


  1. Ooooh yer'll be ranting about the Helstern Jetty next.

  2. I've already ranted on another place or two, and been accused of inflammatory and irresponsible behaviour. I was rather proud of that!

  3. Oh good - do point us in the right direction of where else you have been naughty! I won't feel so alone.

    I was once banned from Country Living forum...

    Yes, I agree. I also hope

    "4" of concrete flooring was removed to reduce weight loading on the structure, with a modern timber floor being added..."

    this wasn't a lime ash floor removed...

    I wonder if his 'SPAB approved' (his words not SPAB's!) lime courses ever happened? I recall a great deal of 'discussion' regarding those!

  4. "yet it bans people who say anything remotely contentious. "

    Most people will put up with contentious, but not the rudeness, swearing, name calling and everything else.

  5. Oh dear Gervase - you seem to have attracted a rather peurile troll to your blog!

  6. Actually, 'Anon', many people liked PPUK because it wasn't the vicar's tea party. Sad what it's become now, a rather juvenile chatroom with fewer and fewer people with expertise posting anything interesting.

  7. I actually rather like the rudeness and name calling. It's better than the bloody holiday snaps and the twee archness that seems to have come over the place. And as for swearing...
    Well, as you're anonymous, there's no point in telling you to fuck off!

  8. Yeah - and I note that accusations of silent phone calls have been made by A Poster, to add to the accusations of racist abusive e-mails in the past, neither of which were from me and I suspect may be a figment of a warped imagination. I wonder who is being accused of libel? The removed posts were pretty unpleasant about me too. Dear me. My blog link has been removed too... Nasty stuff. How about adding a forum to your website? ;-) Certainly PPUK is not something I wish to have any truck with. I asked for the SAVE link (there to add credibility?) be removed but I note it hasn't been.

  9. Well, it's good having your own blog, see the comments section now on mine. looks like I upset Robin Wiggs too... but hey, it's not lala Farrow and Ball land and I can say what I really think! What larks eh!

    I note your blog link has gone, and I gather that the mods are considering whether to remove the thread. I am an ex parrot... still no idea what I did...

  10. Mornin' So this is where everyone smokes behind the bike sheds looking at lime porn then?

    Nice to be able to tell the pain in the arses to f off as its is your own place eh?

  11. Oooh - caught in the act!
    Please Sir... there's another two skulking over there: